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Rule 111, Breakdown Withdrawn from SIP

By request of the Environmental Protection Agency, Eastern Kern Air Pollution Control District Rule 111 (Breakdown) was withdrawn from the State Implementation Plan (SIP).  Rule 111 was approved into the SIP October 24, 1980 (45 FR 70449) and last amended May 2, 1996.

A public hearing to consider this matter was held November 10, 2016, 2:00pm at Ridgecrest City Hall, 100 West California Ave., Ridgecrest, CA.

Although Rule 111, Breakdown was removed from the SIP, it will remain in the District's Rule book and continue to be enforced locally.


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Rule 203 Transfer: EPA Full Disapproval dated November 8, 2008 of KCAPCD Rule 203 revised May 2, 1996

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