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Commercial Solar Plant Permitting Requirements

The District has determined commercial solar power plants are a source of fugitive dust emissions (PM10) in Eastern Kern County.  Over the years, the District has received numerous public nuisance complaints and have issued Notices of Violation to multiple solar facilities in response to generating fugitive dust emissions. In some instances, the fugitive dust has caused brownouts to roads, highways, and neighborhoods.

Therefore, in accordance with Rule 201 (Permits Required) and 210.1 (New and Modified Stationary Source Review, NSR), the District requires each commercial solar facility obtain a District Air Permit to Operate. 

The required application forms can be downloaded through the links below. Be advised that a $130 filing fee must be submitted with each ATC/PTO application (an additional $130 review/filing fee is required for each Fugitive Dust Emission Control Plan).

Complete Commercial Solar Facility Application Package

To assist in compliance with District rules, including fugitive dust (Rule 402), the District is requesting each solar facility install upwind and downwind particulate matter air monitoring.  The particulate matter air monitors will be utilized to assist solar facility operators in showing and maintaining compliance with District Rules and Regulations.


Additional Resources

Rule 201, Permits Required

Rule 210.1, NSR

Rule 301, Permit Fees

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Rule 402, Fugitive Dust

Rule 301, 302, and 303 Staff Report Amended 1/13/22

Rule 402 Staff Report Amended 1/13/22

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