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California air monitoring information

Ridgecrest Monitor 1The California Air Resources Board's air quality monitoring program collects accurate real-time measurements of ambient level pollutants at over 40 sites located throughout the state. The data generated are used to define the nature and severity of pollution in California; determine which areas of California are in attainment or non-attainment; identify pollution trends in the state; support agricultural burn forecasting; and develop air models and emission inventories.

The program encompasses operation of the sampling and monitoring network, laboratory analysis of air samples, and quality assurance activities to ensure the quality of the data collected and disseminated by the ARB and the local Air Quality Management and Air Pollution Control Districts. In addition, technical assistance is provided to local air quality districts and others active in air pollution programs.

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EKAPCD currently has the following three permanent ambient monitoring stations:

  • Mojave: PM10, PM2.5, and ozone
  • Ridgecrest: PM10, PM2.5
  • Canebrake: PM10

USFS49 Kern Real Time BAM - Concentration (µg/m3)
Interagency Real-Time Smoke Particulate Monitoring

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